Wanna escape your daily routines and go on an adventure? Meet Yakki!

It’s a cold and foggy monday morning in Milan. The streets are crowded. Clacson bells are roaring. The hassle of the work week has just started. People go back to work. To the standard routines. Luigi sits in his office. He is bored. Stressed by his boss. Struggling to find focus. Procrastinating. Starts thinking about what to do the next weekend. Dreaming. Wandering. He wants to escape the city life. Go on an adventure. Out exploring. See the beauty of nature. Be active. Do something for his soul.

Luigi starts searching on the web. He is searching for an outdoor guide. Somebody who shares the same passion. Who brings him to places he always dreamed of. That shows him the real gems of this planet. Gems hidden in a lonely unexplored valley. On top of a mountain. Down a single track with the bike. Chasing powder lines he didn’t even know existed. 

He wants to find somebody who’s part of a community. Somebody who’s hungry to explore more. A platform which is personal. Addresses his needs. Makes his outdoor dreams become reality.

Luigi finds a new platform. He quickly recognizes that this is not a booking platform like many others. It’s a family of explorers, guides, adventurers. A family of humans with the passion for nature and outdoor sports. People that love to be out in nature hiking, climbing, ski touring, mountain biking. A place where you find unique experiences with like minded people. Where you can not only book a guide, but also share something you love. Whether it’s a selfie you took when you reached the top of the Matterhorn. A video of your rad powder line down the Holzer Couloir on the Sella Massif in the Dolomites. Your tip about this new hike you did in the Himalayas watching the Everest and having the time of your life. This platform has everything an outdoor lover seeks.

Luigi is excited. He can’t wait to share it with his colleagues. During lunch break he starts talking about it. He tells them about this new platform he found online. Obviously while trying to escape his daily routines.
He tells them about Yakki.
His friends, curiously ask him. 

Luigi what is Yakki?
It’s a place where you can book hundreds of experiences designed and led by outdoor guides, professionals and lovers from all around the world. Without the hassle of searching around for hours. It can all happen with one click.

And how does it work?
First you search for: Bike. Climb. Ski. Wander. Mountain. Desert. Jungle. Sea. City. Whatever you want to experience.
Then you go to compare Yakki guides, check ratings, view prices, read reviews. When you have found the one that best fits your desires and expectations, you book it.
Boom you Match! You meet your guide. Follow him. Discover. Learn. Become friends. Have fun. Go out and explore. Share.

So Luigi why is it so good?
Well, it is easy to use. It’s simple, immediate and fast. It’s on demand. With people from all around the world. Online. It’s reliable. You know who you book. You pay for what you get and you are surrounded by people that share the same passion. It feels like being part of a family.

Wow! And where can I find a Yakki guide for myself?
Click this link, signup and start your new adventure right now: https://yakki.net
For news and updates remember to follow them on:

And of course here on their personal Blog , where you are also allowed to share and publish your own experiences!

Is there something more?
Yes, I heard that You can become a Yakki guide, too. Just contact the team and show them your certificates, your achievements and your expertise to get verified. If you are lucky enough, you can start sharing your passion for the outdoors with the world.
Contact the Yakki team: info@yakki.net


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